Alansya Chronicles – Fleeting Iris v0.90 [Heaven Studios]

Alansya Chronicles – Fleeting Iris v0.90 [Heaven Studios]

Adult Porn-Game

Updated: 21-December-2018
Genre: RPG Maker, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Pregnanacy, Adventure, Sexy girl, Big Tits, All sex,Heaven Studios, Cheating, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Handjob, Virgin, Lesbian, Internal View, Bukkake,Voyeurism, Exhibitionism Corruption
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Heaven Studios
Platform: PC / Windows
Version: Release v0.90
Language: English
Size: 1 .72 GB

An FBI agent flies to Japan in a mission, he meets a girl called Ayame. They fall in love and he asks her to move to the USA with him.

Having never met her father and having her mother die 2 years earlier, Ayame had very little that bind her to Japan so she moved in the USA to him.

A game about a regular woman and her fiance who engage in a story with lots of cheating, blackmailing, heavy corruption and a background of netorare. You will decided how the story unfolds one month before their marriage which is when the game will take place.

Changed one of the images during CG68 (hentai scene where Ayame kneels down to pick up a glass that Melvin dropped and notices a bulge in his pants). The previous one was a minor edit from a previous CG we had and didn’t reflect if Ayame had tan or not. Now it does.
Fixed a issue that would cause the Patreon room not to unlock any hentai scenes over the number 100 in either local or global saves. Effectively, every hentai scene for the last two patches.

Added a new sex partners script. In order to use the script in full effect you should start the game from the begginning because the stats change at key points in the story depending on your decisions. It is not mandatory, however.

Updated the walkthrough for the last two patches but we’re still left to add the changes for this patch. Will update it online tomorrow after some really necessary rest.

Added the psychologist office. It has no scenes (for now maybe?) but it has a lot of “character growth” for Ayame.

Added a locker room in the Kinky Kittens strip Klub.

Added a love hotel.

Added the Villa interior. (Really proud of this one).

Added new songs to the game.

Christmas theme enabled and further improved.

Completely revamped the old Arthur and Ayame scene with the new red lingerie.

Jasmine’s voyeur scene is now watchable from her perspective which drastically improves the scene.

Added a sex partner menu that reflects how Ayame sees her common sex partners in terms of sexual appeal and what motivates her to having sex with them.

Caused a bug that makes the game crash if you try to change the window skin or the player movement speed in the options menu.

Temporarily (or not) fixed the above issue by changing a few lines of code effectively making the engine do the same thing but, in a different way. This may cause some issues, it shouldn’t, but it may. We’d rather figure out what caused the bug in the first place. It might be a conflict with the new script.

“Over 500 new images!” (This one is just a funny jab at a friend, but yeah, over 500 new images, we just don’t usually advertise it.)

New scenes for both of Melvin’s Pub split paths.

Two new scenes in the family route. (The delayed one will be added tomorrow).

Two new scenes in the gym, one for each personal trainer. The swimming coach need to happen before the gym PT is available.

New scene in the office route which sets the pace for the rest of the route.

New scene in the Kinky Kittens strip Klub which sets the pace for the rest of the route.

Two new scenes for the Garcias route, one for each path.

Added a few more NPC’s to the game.

Changed some dialogue in some old scenes.

Fixed about a dozen reported bugs. Some minor, some major. Please remember that using old save versions or using the teleport ring can and probably will lead to bugs. Opening the game as a project and using CTRL to skip text (which is the same as wallhack when the project is open) will as well. Finally, increasing the game speed with cheat engine might also lead to crashes.

Overhauled the save script, hopefuly for the last time. Still, save often. If the game crashes please report here and if possible, give us your PC specs.

Cheat room code: 84134956




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